Slender Man Sightings

Slender Man Sightings

Real photos of the creepy creature from the woods

There has been several sightings of the Slender Man, mostly around woods. He/it was first noticed on a forum for lost children. Parents had uploaded photos of their lost children to the forum, in hopes of someone finding them. After studying the pictures, a creepy detail was discovered. A tall dark figure was seen in the background of several of the images, that came from different locations, but all of them around woods.

Latest sightings

Original Images from the forum for lost children

Old Sightings

Claimed sightings - But images looks doubtful

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Slender Men: Some take this call to be a hoax, or the ramblings of some people who mistakenly perceived the game of Marble Hornets to be a real Slender Man sighting account. Or in the case of the mother who called, it is attributed to someone who has inserted a dramatic television show’s Slender Man pics of visual story telling into her past dreams. As of this version, the game was Slender Man pictures officially renamed Slender: The Eight Pages., has been removed due to the copyrighted material. MH Mode, has been renamed to Slender Man sightings, Marble Hornets Mode, simply the unattributed version of the title. I responded to, Jo Anne, and gave her some simple prayers and commands for the entity to leave her alone.

Slender Man Sighting. Real photos of the mythical and paranormal creature from the woods. I have tried to contact her about Slender Man stories numerous times, but I never get a reply. One part of me feels it might be Slender Man images, with psychotic incident with prolonged effects on Slender Men with mental state, but when I started to receive other similar letters, I began to think twice. Slenderman typically is depicted in Slender Man photos, imagery and literature as between 6 and 15 feet tall, depending on the situation, and in video as around 6-7 feet tall. Because of its inexact nature, and differences between series, no one has Slender Man sighting yet determined what it is.
Currently, the two pictures of Slender Man leading theories as to what the Slenderman may be are the Tulsa Effect and Quantum Theory. Every night since the start of June, Slender Man photos between 12 and 4 in the morning I get a phone call from my ex-girlfriend. She has been Slender Man images or being stalked by a ghost or something more.

Let me tell you a bit about her before I go any Slender Man sightings. Slender Man Sighting. Real photos of the mythical and paranormal creature from the woods. She has severe depression, insomnia. She also pictures of Slender Man has some mental trauma, what kind I will not say, because that is between me and her Slender Man pictures, but as far as I know, that could be the entire reason why this is happening. He contrasted the genuine Paul Bunyan tales, which had been so full of Slender Man stories technical logging terms that outsiders would find parts of them difficult to understand, with the commercialized versions, which sounded more like Slender Men books. The original Paul Bunyan had been shrewd and sometimes ignoble; one story told how he cheated his men out of their pay.

Not really believing in ghosts, she freaked out and called her mom saying there was a person outside, when her mom got there, she has seen some Slender Man pics of a person before he vanished behind the fence. How much of this is true, I don't really know, I was just told these pictures of Slender Man stories by her family, when I came over now and again. Fake lore or pseudo-folklore is inauthentic, manufactured folklore presented as if it were genuinely traditional. The term can refer to new Slender Man sightings and stories or songs made up, or to folklore that is reworked and modified for modern tastes. The element of misrepresentation is central; artists who draw on traditional Slender Man photos and stories in their work are not producing fake lore unless they claim that their creations are real folklore. I would always tell her its OK and that she will be Slender Man sighting fine. There were several instances where I believe either she was possessed or just the trauma of her past Slender Man images and affected her to the point where she developed a split personality. Slender Man Sighting. Real photos of the mythical and paranormal creature from the woods. Typically individuals will show massive Slender Man pictures moods swings and constant irritation, not to mention will lose track of large periods of time, making pictures of Slender Man communication with friends or Slender Men holding down steady work difficult, as memory losses could be as long as several weeks or months until the individual awakens and attempts to Slender Man stories return to their life only to find it ruined.

Its also a reason why I think the trauma and Slender Man photos of 'The Man' are linked. I could immediately tell something was different because of her eyes. Normally they were a Slender Man sightings pretty blue, but then they were cold and grey. Finally after we broke up after three years in January, the man seemed to disappear. Slender Man generally appears, in modern times, as a tall man in a black suit, with a red or black tie. He also wears a white shirt, and he has no Slender Men clearly defined facial features. He has no hair, but has tentacles protruding from his back. Slender Man is typically depicted in imagery Slender Man stories and literature between six to fifteen feet tall. Around 2002 she worked at another location and Slender Man pictures made friends with a woman who had paranormal encounters. Slender Man, a tall, dark figure with long tentacle-like arms, does not appear until the player collects their first page or about four minutes have Slender Man sighting passed without the player collecting a page. Slender Man Sighting. Real photos of the mythical and paranormal creature from the woods. Once he has appeared, Slender Man tele-ports at regular intervals between randomly selected locations, Slender Man images within a maximum range of the player. Soon after she that noticed she was sluggish.

She became ill, had frequent headaches and nausea and could not sleep. So she sought medical help, and Slender Man pics as a consequence had an X-Ray done of pictures of Slender Man and her head and upper torso. The Doctors found a small metallic object had been implanted into the base of her skull. Slender: The Eight Pages, begins with the player in a Slender Man sightings forest at night. The player is equipped with a flashlight that has a battery which must be conserved. The player is able to jog for a short period before Slender Man pictures running out of breath. When the doctors tried to remove the foreign object they found that it had become entangled into the central nervous system at the Slender Man pics, and it was too risky to remove.
The woman even showed the operation scar to my coworker as proof. Non-story information can be found at Encyclopedia Slenderia and Slender Men. An in-game YouTube channel compile TRUTH also summarizes some Slender Man photos series. An extensive fan site is in the works, created by one of our tropes  Was this woman an alien abduction and Slender Man images implant survivor? At first look that seems the conclusion, but the appearance and after Slender Man sighting affects of the encounter matches the Slenderman myths so closely it makes one ponder.

This version also shows an odd pictures of Slender Man, response to electronic equipment and causes massive problems with audio, surveillance, camera, and Slender Man stories other various electronic devices with displays or audio. A few weeks ago I put a request out here on Slender Man images, for any readers who had a Slenderman experience to write in and tell me about it. It so Slender Men happens that the responses also predate the invention of the myth. Slender Man Sighting. Real photos of the mythical and paranormal creature from the woods. First from a man in the western United States that wishes to be anonymous because of his Slender Man photos position in society. This is a reference to a fan originated meme about Slender Man. This is the only version in which the player selects these modes in the, Slender Man sighting, portion of the menu screen, and this is also the only version in which two hidden modes can be played at once.

I glanced out the garage window and saw 5 Slender Man stories, with entire line of these 'Slender people' coming out of the woods just beyond our neighbor's house.
They were heading our way. I was momentarily frozen. What do I do now? Fearful the, Slender Men, might carry me away, I retreated into a corner of the Slender Man pictures and garage and watched the procession through a crack in the wall. He is said to be a creature or Slender Man pics being with various nebulously defined characteristics and abilities. He was made up on Something Awful Forum's, Create Paranormal Images, contest. When they crossed into our backyard, they continued Slender Man sightings walking single file in zombie-like fashion. When they reached the coal shed, which was behind the house but about 10 feet from the garage, they took Slender Man pictures and divided into two lines. One line went between the coal shed and the house.

The most exciting addition, as far as I’m concerned, is that players will be provided with the tools to create their own maps, as we've seen Slender Men before in games like Left 4 Dead and even MineCraft, this can do Slender Man photos for a game’s lifespan and we can expect to see some really amazing stuff produced by the community. Dotson had seen the effect of Slender Man images sources on orally transmitted Paul Bunyan stories as a form of cross-contamination that, hopelessly muddied the lore. Slender Man Sighting. Real photos of the mythical and paranormal creature from the woods. For Slender Man sightings, however, the point is that I personally was exposed to Paul Bunyan in the pictures of Slender Man genre of a living oral tradition, not of lumberjacks, of which there are Slender Man stories precious few remaining), but of the present people of the area., What was fake lore had become folklore again.

What we do know is that the game is built using CryEngine 3, so be ready for a HD Slenderman. One thing this game and Slender: Source have in common is Slender Man sighting, seem to be creating a much more aggressive Slenderman than we have seen before, as The Legend developers have said, We plan to Slender Man photos & concept the Slenderman into an even more mysterious, but-even-more dangerous, figure. Gaming website IGN called Slender pure, claiming, few pictures of Slender Man games thrust you directly into the Slender Men. Explosion scored the game a 4/5 and said that, Slender is the kind of game that unearths that long-lost sensation inside of Slender Man sightings. You where by you’d play a game for the addictive novelty value it possessed and not the budget that was thrown at it. Despite all the mystery this game looks pretty interesting, Slender Man stories will keep you posted with updates as they are released.

The game play and some aspects of the artistic style of the game are also extremely similar to a prototype game named, Hide, that was Slender Man sighting posted on the Super Friendship Club gaming forum in 2011, although Slender Man images was taken, the movement of the enemies in Hide is different and the player can view them from a distance without harm. This was something out of storybook land! They were all slender, but some Slender Man photos were taller than others. Slender Man Sighting. Real photos of the mythical and paranormal creature from the woods.
A few more Slender Men, but their garb appeared drab with colors faded. There were a few Slenders of small Slender Man pictures, whom I took to be children. They were holding the hands of the ones wearing scarves. I could not see their faces, but Slender Man pics recall their fingers were exceeding long.


  1. Hi I seen slenderman before and I'll tell you my 3 sightings of Slenderman below:

    First account - It was about 2 months ago I think when I saw slenderman and I was walking my dad's dog with my dad in a park which had a small forest. But I found out that if you ignore slenderman, he won't stalk you. This works by not being stressed by him because slenderman makes his victims go insane (slenderman abducts kids by pretending to be a nice person though). Slenderman only stalked me in that park (my dad didn't see slenderman and he doesn't believe in the paranormal) because I extensively researched him too much on the night before that walk. I pretty much saved my life from him by ignoring him it's worth it to ignore him!

    2nd account - This sighting was a month ago but this sighting was a bit different because when I went for another dog walk with my dad in the same park, I saw slenderman only about 30 meters away he was in a bush and yeah...

    Third account - this happened about a few weeks ago... Slenderman was like about 10 meters away from me (slenderman was bending down in cover staring at me from a bush) but my dad's dog was walking past looking at that bush. That dog's ears up high like when a dog caught a glimpse of something. Anyway they're the encounters that I had with slenderman but there'll be additional things that I know of him.

    When he appears - He appears when you are worried about him by researching him extensively. I learnt that lesson because on the night before that sighting, I researched him all night at my dad's house (I goto my dad's house every fortnight because my parents broke up when I was 2 years old but I live with my mum). Then overnight when I read asleep, I had a bad nightmare of Slenderman. In that nightmare I pictured myself as a paranormal investigator and I was in the woods but then I saw slenderman and then he killed me with his arms (he does that in real life to paralyze the victim and then he implants a metal object in the back of your head like when you said that a lady nearly got killed this way in her bed).

  2. Wow, that is a crazy story Isaac!! Thank you very much for sharing. ..Lets hope you don't encounter him again anytime soon! Next time you take the dog for a walk, bring a camera or a phone, so you can record IF you (lets still hope not) see him again. .The more material to warn others, the better!

  3. I saw him only a few feet away from me around the corner of my house. It was last night. I was outside with my dog when suddenly she growled, whimpered and then went inside through the doggie door. I hadn't been doing any research before hand, but after seeing him and getting my butt back in my house I decided to look him up. However when I stumbled upon this site and read that post and how researching made it worse I decided to not sleep. I didn't want a nightmare, but it seems I have one anyways and so I see him standing there by my house whenever I close my eyes....

  4. Hi Laurynn, Thank you for sharing! That sounds SO creepy.. If you see him again, maybe you should try to take a picture. The more photos, the more others can be warned. .. If you post a link here, then I'll share the picture(s) on this site.

  5. I was walking through the woods one day around the evening and I was looking for my earring. I had dropped it earlier. suddenly I came across a tree stump that could have served as a table. laying neatly on it was my earring and a note. opening the note it said only one thing. "be careful about jewelry, its not nice to litter ~sincerely unknown." I got a creeped out feeling and turned to leave, only to find my path blocked. the road home had now featured a great tourist attraction named...guess who? times up! its Slenderman! (note my sarcastic vibe there. im not a cheery person) he was about oh maybe 50 yards away. he was a good 4 feet taller than me and im 5'2. well I didn't scream or freak out, I shrugged, me being the calm person I usually am. ahem. was. not after this. so anyway I figured id just walk the other way and ignore him. he doesn't seem very cheerful. eventually I came across a warehouse. dark had fallen and so I had my flashlight out. I blatantly refused to turn around a head back. the warehouse had a roof up about 20 feet. I guess thinking back I should have fucking wondered why in hell a fucking warehouse was doing in the fucking middle of the woods. (sorry for swearing but I get antsy when telling this story. please understand) so I peaked inside, being the dumbass I am. and boy am I sorry I peeked inside. inside had featured the one and only, the lovely, the faceless, SLENDERMAN. I saw him towering over me and I FUCKING RAN OUTTA THAT SHIT HOLE FUCK THIS IM DEAD WHAT THE FUCK I SHOULDA KNOWN HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! so anyways (lol change in mood) I got home and never saw him again. but you know I think once was enough. but I still get that weird vibe that he's watching me sometimes...

  6. Slender man lives in the woods right? If so I'm screwed.

  7. I have seen slenderman for the past few years at the beginning of 5th grade a year after my oarents to creepypasta. My first creepyapasta was the rake but i didnt took interest in it but i started to wake up seeing someone knock on the window but it was dark outside at that time. But as i grew is started to notice this strange things happe ing around and i get the feeling of being watched. At the age of 13 i found out something i clearly remember. My mom told me that at the age of 6 years old is that i refused my mother to turn off the lights and she asked why but i answered that there was a tall man in a suit at the corner of the room watchung me and he told me he was going to take me away. My mom didnt believed at all unitl the next night she saw it and it knocked the fence down. Im 14 today and ut doesn't bother me that slender is following me even if im loosing my mind at that moment but he somehow comforts me. The only way i know thaf he is around is when my dog bafks at the forest or starts growling at the darkest corner around my neighbor hood since he protects it. I got more experiences of slender such as waking up with him towering my bed at 3 o'clock in the morning

  8. Ive encountered him in my dreams but it becomes a contest of who dies first in the dream he can't seem to kill me or paralyze me even though i have had dreams for months with him in it